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Contract manufacturing & Own Production Facilities

Research & Development

The R&D department at Soliteint has been the formula designer and developer of many of the most successful products in the market. With more than 20 years of experience with various formulations, the department is continually expanding its range of activities and research capabilities.

R&D Professionals

At Soliteint, we believe that good calibers have pivotal role in our success. The R&D team consists of professional calibers with specialized training in the cosmetic industry and cosmetic chemistry.

Up to date with the latest trends of the industry.

R&D Capabilities & Facilities

We offer the following categories of cosmetic / beauty products including but not limited to:

Skin Care

Hair Care

Body Care & Hygiene

Men Care

Baby Care

Oral Care

R&D Equipment

In addition to the regular lab equipment (regular and sensitive scales, ovens … etc.), the R&D Lab is fully equipped to perform formulation and samples on different scales. Examples of the equipment include.

Custom Formulation
In addition to formulas developed for in-house brands, the R&D is working closely with clients who want to develop custom formulas for their own brand and benefit from the R&D expertise in addition to the manufacturing facilities at Soliteint.

The R&D’s extensive experience in the local and regional market means true customization of unique formulas and flexibility to accommodate clients’ specific requirements for budget and marketing agenda. For this purpose, the R&D provides extensive support to clients’ marketing units.

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Step 2: Implementation Of the Concept
Step 3: Validation Of the Formula
Step 4: Industrial Production

Production capabilities

We have a vast range of production machinery to produce cosmetics and personal care products. Owing to the various machinery; we have an exceptional flexibility in MOQ.

Manufacturing machines:

  • 6 Kg capacity under vacuum mixing machine
  • 20 Kg capacity under vacuum mixing machine
  • 100 Kg under vacuum mixing machine
  • 150 Kg Color cosmetics mixing machine
  • 300 Kg under vacuum mixing machine
  • 900 Kg Liquid mixing tank
  • 500 Kg under vacuum mixing machine

All Mixers Are Synchronized with Auxiliary Tanks To Serve As Melting And Aqueous Tank Where Transfer Is Controlled Through Automated Valve And Operated Through Machine PLC…

Filling and packaging capabilities:

  • Automatic Tube filling and sealing machines
  • Automatic bottle filling, capping, and labelling machine
  • Automatic jar filling, capping, and labelling machine
  • Semiautomatic filling machines to fill product into containers ranging from 5 g and up to 1000 g filling weight.
  • Various labelling machines for back and front labelling, wrap around labelling, top and bottom labelling.
  • Various inkjet machines for variable data printing
Our facility is supplied by all utilities to ensure proper supply to the production machines.

Quality Control

Soliteint is a Quality Oriented company Quality Control is our main part of the Quality management system. Our highly qualified Quality Control Microbiology and Analytical laboratories controls the entire products life cycle, starting from the sampling and controls of all incoming materials, verifying the compliance of the Intermediates, semi-finished and finished products and carrying out “In-Process” Controls and confirmatory tests on the finished products.

One of our important values is Customer First, customers are the most important assets any company has, even though they don’t show up on the balance sheet.

We always value our customer by providing them high quality, which made us the most preferred and reliable company among our competitors.

The factory’s skilled Quality Assurance department and qualified Quality Control team are constantly supervising and controlling our production process, to provide and guarantee the highest quality levels and all the customer needs.

Quality encompasses all areas of the Soliteint plant’s activity.

Supply Chain

Vision & Priorities
Our vision is customer-driven, as we do our best to deliver high quality products as promised by our sales team. We thrive to understand the customer behaviour to plan our Supply Chain strategies leveraging our growth scale and working for the best of our group of companies.

Purchasing Roles and Responsibilities
Purchasing Function manages the sourcing and overall relationship with suppliers, in order to obtain the expected delivery of needs and value creation and reach best-in-industry performance. .

The Purchasing responsibility covers the full scope of what suppliers contribute to, from Customer Satisfaction through Quality & service level, to economics, terms and conditions, legal aspects, collaborative projects execution, innovation, compliance, sustainability, and ethics … .

Purchasing Function is accountable for the suppliers’ selection and their overall performance. Yet, some specific responsibility is shared with and with support from the related organizations and specific functions (R&D, Quality, Legal, etc..) who play a key role in elaborating the relevant information & expectation to Suppliers. .

Logistics & Planning
Logistics & Planning function is one of the fundamental elements of Supply Chain, equipped with Distribution Centers and end-to-end Control points across the globe. The function operates with a huge team who manages a wide range of deliveries and shipments throughout the year.

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