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Data protection, data management information

Soliteint cosmetics kft Bt., the operator of the website, respects and securely stores the personal data of customers. The data provided during registration is treated confidentially – subject to the LXIII of 1992. to the Data Protection Act – and only uses it in the context of its own promotional campaigns and does not pass it on to third parties. The customer may modify or revoke his consent to data management at any time and may also request the correction or deletion of his personal data. The additional rights and legal remedies of the data subjects related to data management are provided in the CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. contained in the law. Soliteint cosmetics kft. deletes customer data from its system at the customer’s request.

Privacy Policy

During the operation of the website, Soliteint cosmetics kft manages the data of website visitors and customers (hereinafter referred to as the Data Subject). In connection with the management of data, Soliteint cosmetics kft. hereby informs the Data Subjects about the personal data it manages on the website, the principles and practices followed in the management of personal data, as well as the manner and possibilities of exercising the rights of the data subjects.

By using the website, the Data Subject accepts the provisions of the Data Management Information and consents to the data management defined below.

When developing its data protection principles, Soliteint cosmetics kft. took account of CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. Act, VI of 1998 law on the protection of individuals during the machine processing of personal data, as well as the recommendations of the “Online Privacy Alliance”. This Data Management Information Form is an inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions.


  1. Purpose of data management

The purpose of Soliteint cosmetics kft’s data management is to identify website visitors when using the services available through the website, fulfilling and delivering orders, documenting and checking the adequacy of order fulfilment, as well as, where applicable, enabling invoicing and proving the concluded contracts.

The purpose of the automatically recorded data is to create statistics and the technical development of the IT system.

Soliteint cosmetics kft does not use or may use the personal data provided to it for purposes other than those specified in this Data Management Information. The release of personal data to third parties or to authorities – unless the law has otherwise binding force – is possible with the prior express consent of the Data Subject.

Customers’ personal data may only be forwarded in connection with the fulfilment of the order, as described in point 6.

In any case, if Soliteint cosmetics kft intends to use the provided data for a purpose other than the purpose of the original data collection, it will inform the Data Subject of this and obtain its prior, express consent, or provide it with the opportunity to prohibit the use.


  1. Legal basis for data management

Data management by Soliteint cosmetics kft. is governed by Act CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. Act (hereinafter: according to Section 5 (1) point a) on the basis of the Data Subject’s voluntary consent, as well as CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. Act 13/A. §, and invoicing is based on § 169 (2) of Act C of 2000 on accounting.

Soliteint cosmetics kft. does not check the personal data provided to it. The person providing it, the Data Subject, the contracting party, is solely responsible for the adequacy of the data provided. When any Data Subject provides his email address, he also assumes responsibility for the fact that only he uses the service from the provided email address. In view of this responsibility, all kinds of responsibility related to logins to a given email address are the sole responsibility of the Contact who registered the email address.


  1. Duration of data management

The management of personal data mandatorily provided during registration begins with registration and lasts until it is deleted. In the case of non-mandatory data, data management lasts from the time the data is entered until the data in question is deleted. Registration can be canceled at any time after sending the cancellation request. In this case, the deadline for deleting the data is 5 working days after the receipt of the request.

Registered users also have the option to delete their account.

The logged data is stored by the system – with the exception of the date of the last visit, which is automatically overwritten – for 12 months from the date of logging. The above provisions do not affect the fulfilment of retention obligations defined in legislation (e.g. accounting legislation), as well as data processing based on additional consents given during registration on the Website or in any other way. In the event of a purchase, the invoicing data will be kept for 8 years based on the law.

  1. Scope of personal data handled

Registration data: During registration, the Data Subject must provide the following data: name, email address, password.

Technical data: The data of the data subject’s computer that is generated during the use of the service and recorded by Soliteint cosmetics kft ‘s system as an automatic result of technical processes. These are, in particular, the date and time of the visit, the IP address of the Data Subject’s computer, the type of browser, the address of the viewed and previously visited website.

The data that is automatically recorded is automatically logged by the system upon entry or exit without a separate declaration or action by the Data Subject. These data cannot be combined with other personal user data – except in cases made mandatory by law. Only Soliteint cosmetics kft. has access to the data.

Soliteint cosmetics kft.’s system may collect data on the Data Subject’s activity, which cannot be linked to other data provided by the Data Subject during registration, nor to data generated when using other websites or services.

The html code of the Website may contain links to and from an external server independent of Soliteint cosmetics kft. The providers of these links are able to collect user data due to the direct connection to their server.

External servers assist in the independent measurement and auditing of the Website’s visitor and other web analytics data (Google Analytics). The data controllers can provide the Data Subject with detailed information on the management of the measurement data. Their availability:

Cookie: The system uses a so-called identifies it with a cookie. In order for all content to be viewed on Soliteint cosmetics kft.’s website, cookies must be allowed by the Data Subject. Accordingly, when certain parts of the Website are downloaded, cookies are placed on the Data Subject’s computer, which are necessary for the operation of certain functions of the Website. Cookies are small text files saved by your computer and browser. The Data Subject will not receive any further notification of this happening from Soliteint cosmetics kft.

Soliteint cosmetics kft. uses two types of cookies:

Temporary (session) cookie: session cookies are automatically deleted after the Data Subject’s visit. These cookies are used to make the Soliteint cosmetics kft. Website work more efficiently and more securely, they are essential for certain functions of the Website or certain applications to work properly.

Persistent cookie: Soliteint cosmetics kft. also uses persistent cookies for a better user experience (e.g. providing optimized navigation). These cookies are stored for a longer time in the cookie file of the browser. The duration of this depends on what setting the Data Subject uses in his internet browser. With the help of such cookies, Soliteint cosmetics kft. collects data anonymously for marketing and optimization purposes. Soliteint cosmetics kft. does not use the data to personally identify the Data Subject. Of course, you can block the use of the Data Subject’s data in this way at any time at any of the contact details of Soliteint cosmetics kft.

Soliteint cosmetics kft. uses the above information for the technical operation of the Website, for sending targeted newsletters and for statistical purposes.

The “Help” function in the menu bar of most browsers provides information on how to disable cookies in your browser, how to accept new cookies, or how to instruct your browser to set a new cookie, or how to disable other cookies.

The cookies used on the Website do not cause damage to the Data Subject’s computer and do not contain viruses.


  1. The scope of the persons familiar with the data, data transfer, data processing

Soliteint cosmetics kft. and Soliteint cosmetics kft.’s internal employees are primarily entitled to know the data, but they are not published or passed on to third parties.

Soliteint cosmetics kft. may use a data processor (e.g. accountant) for the fulfilment and delivery of orders. Soliteint cosmetics kft. is not responsible for the data management practices of such third parties.

  1. Affected rights and legal enforcement options

7.1. Right to information

The Data Subject is entitled at any time to request information about his/her personal data managed by Soliteint cosmetics kft., and – with the exception of the email address provided during registration – can change them at any time in his/her own account on the Website.

At the request of the Data Subject, Soliteint cosmetics kft. provides information about the data it manages, the purpose, legal basis, and duration of the data management, as well as who and for what purpose their data is or has been received. Soliteint cosmetics kft. shall provide the requested information in writing within 25 days of the submission of the request.

The Data Subject can contact a Soliteint cosmetics kft. employee with any questions or comments related to data management via the contact details indicated below.

7.2. The data subject can request the deletion, correction or blocking of their data

The Data Subject has the right to request the correction or deletion of his/her incorrectly recorded data at any time at one of the contact details indicated below. Soliteint cosmetics kft. will delete the data within 5 working days from the receipt of the request, in which case they will not be recoverable. The deletion does not apply to data processing required by law (e.g. accounting regulations), Soliteint cosmetics kft. will keep them for the necessary period.

The Data Subject may also request the blocking of their data. Soliteint cosmetics kft. blocks the personal data if the data subject requests it, or if it can be assumed based on the available information that the deletion would harm the data subject’s legitimate interests. The personal data locked in this way can only be processed as long as the data management purpose exists, which precluded the deletion of the personal data.

The Data Subject, as well as all those to whom the data was previously forwarded for the purpose of data management, must be notified of the correction, blocking and deletion. The notification can be omitted if this does not violate the Data Subject’s legitimate interests in view of the purpose of the data management.

If the personal data does not correspond to the reality, and the personal data corresponding to the reality is available to the data controller, the personal data will be corrected by the data controller.

Personal data must be deleted if (a) its processing is unlawful; (b) the data subject requests it in the appropriate manner; (c) is incomplete or incorrect – and this condition cannot be legally remedied – provided that deletion is not precluded by law; (d) the purpose of data management has ceased, or the statutory period for data storage has expired; (e) ordered by a court or the NAIH.

Instead of deletion, the data controller locks the personal data if the data subject requests this, or if, based on the available information, it can be assumed that the deletion would harm the legitimate interests of the data subject. The personal data locked in this way can only be processed as long as the data management purpose that precluded the deletion of the personal data exists.

The data controller shall mark the personal data it manages if the data subject disputes its correctness or accuracy, but the incorrectness or inaccuracy of the disputed personal data cannot be clearly established.

If the data controller does not comply with the data subject’s request for rectification, blocking or deletion, within 25 days of receiving the request, it shall communicate the factual and legal reasons for rejecting the request for correction, blocking or deletion in writing or with the consent of the data subject electronically. By accepting this Data Management Information, the User expressly consents to electronic contact in this regard as well. In case of rejection of the request for correction, deletion or blocking, the data controller informs the data subject of the possibility of legal remedies in court and of turning to the Authority (in accordance with the Legal Remedies section below).

7.3. The data subject may object to the processing of his personal data.

The Data Subject may object to the processing of his personal data. Soliteint cosmetics kft. examines the objection as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days after the submission of the application, makes a decision on its validity, and informs the applicant of its decision in writing.

The Data Subject can exercise his rights at the following contact details:
Name: Soliteint cosmetics kft.
Headquarters and mailing address: 2151 Fót, Móricz Zsigmond u 37. 

7.4. Remedy: The data subject is based on and the Civil Code (Act V of 2013)

Anyone can submit an investigation to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (, headquarters: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11, Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400; e-mail: may take the initiative by referring to the fact that a violation of rights has occurred or there is an immediate threat of violation of rights related to the management of personal data or the exercise of the rights to access data of public interest or public data in the public interest. The Authority’s investigation is free of charge, the costs of the investigation are advanced and borne by the Authority.

In the event of a violation of their rights, the data subject may apply to the court against the data controller. The court acts out of sequence in the case. The adjudication of the lawsuit falls within the jurisdiction of the court. At the choice of the data subject, the lawsuit can also be initiated before the court of the data subject’s place of residence or residence. The data controller is obliged to compensate the damage caused to others by the unlawful handling of the data subject’s data or by violating the requirements of data security. The data controller is also liable to the data subject for the damage caused by the data processor. The data controller is released from liability if it proves that the damage was caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of data management. There is no need to compensate the damage if it resulted from the intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of the injured party. If the data controller violates the data subject’s right to privacy by illegally handling the data subject’s data or violating data security requirements, the data subject may demand damages from the data controller.


  1. Use of email addresses

Soliteint cosmetics kft. pays particular attention to the legality of the use of the electronic mail addresses it manages, so it only uses them in the manner specified below to send (informational or advertising) e-mails.

The management of e-mail addresses primarily serves the purpose of identifying the Data Subject, maintaining contact during the fulfilment of orders and the use of services, so e-mails are sent primarily for this purpose.


  1. Newsletter

Soliteint cosmetics kft. enables the Data Subject to subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter has direct marketing elements and contains advertising. Soliteint cosmetics kft. handles the data provided by the Data Subject when using the newsletter. The Data Subject can unsubscribe from sending newsletters at any time, free of charge, without limitation or justification. You can do this by letter or email, by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletters. In this case, Soliteint cosmetics kft. deletes all personal data – necessary for sending newsletters – from its records and does not contact the Data Subject with further newsletters and offers. Soliteint cosmetics kft. sends letters containing advertisements or advertisements (newsletters) to the electronic mail addresses provided during registration only with the express consent of the Data Subject, in cases and in a manner that complies with the legal requirements.


  1. Data security

Soliteint cosmetics kft. undertakes to ensure the security of the data, and to take the technical measures to ensure that the recorded, stored, and managed data are protected, and to do everything possible to prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized changing it. You also undertake to call on all third parties to whom you may forward or transfer the data to fulfil their obligations in this regard.


  1. Other provisions

Soliteint cosmetics kft. reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Data Management Information Sheet with prior notification to the Data Subjects. Following the entry into force of the amendment, the Data Subject accepts the contents of the amended Data Management Information Sheet by using the Website.

This Data Management Information is valid from December 1, 2023.